Program Overview



Welcome to the Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE) Leadership in Energy Efficiency Program (LEEP) webpage.  This page is intended to educate visitors about the LEEP Program and how it will help Alameda County school districts achieve energy conservation goals.  Working together with school district executives, facility maintenance personals, teachers and students, we can achieve successful energy savings that are financially responsible.

The ACOE and school districts faces many problems.  Public school facilities are an often overlooked target for energy savings, as well as for marketing, outreach, and education on energy efficiency and broader sustainability issues. Schools are generally considered hard to reach, in large part because their core mission – educating children – creates more immediate priorities on a day-to-day basis than energy efficiency.

Even when school district budgets are not financially compromised, school districts as a rule do not have the resources or ability in-house to perform energy management services. Most districts are too small to justify hiring their own energy manager and energy management is not a core component of a school district’s mission.

ACOE is uniquely positioned to transform school district energy management, serve as a statewide model, and provide statewide leadership. It is also positioned to connect energy management to the core educational mission of school districts through green jobs field learning opportunities. LEEP’s pilot will be provide a transformation of energy management in Alameda County’s 18 school districts and beyond, and reach diverse populations and many ethnic communities that are considered difficult to access.